What Are ArtLand Disney Pins?

What Are ArtLand Disney Pins?

You may have recently heard the name “ArtLand” in the Disney pin community. Today, we want to give you a little more insight on this new collection of Disney pins.


You’ve probably heard of ACME pins before, we here at Disney Pins Blog have released the LE 200 HotArt Lanyard pin series previously. ACME no longer has a license with Disney and that has now transferred to ArtLand, based in London, England. ArtLand uses the same designers at ACME in order to draw upon their experience within this market.

There are currently 60 pins in development and production, the first two 3” round pins were released this week. They are limited edition of 250 and feature Aladdin and Tinker Bell.

Tinker Bell & Aladdin ArtLand LE 250 Pins
Tinker Bell & Aladdin ArtLand LE 250 Pins

Winnie the Pooh will be following very soon. In addition to the 3” round pins, there is also a LE 400 cut out pin series as well as some stunning large sized LE 100s.

There should be around 15 pins or so released this year alone and each has a Disney certificate of authenticity as a backing card. ArtLand works closely with Disney on their art program and each pin has to be authorized by Disney before they can go into production. There is a lot of work between ArtLand, ACME, Disney and the factory in order to get an edition to collectors.

Certificate of Authenticity - ArtLand Disney Pin
Certificate of Authenticity – ArtLand Disney Pin

It should be noted that ArtLand is a publisher of fine art and pins and they work directly with dealers in certain territories depending on their license. In the UK, they work with Pulse Gallery for all pin sales. All pin releases will be shown on www.artlanduk.com from this week and there is a link to www.Pulse.gallery where collectors can purchase pins directly. 

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