Meet Olu, A New Friend of Duffy!

Meet Olu, a New Friend of Duffy!

Duffy’s newest friend, Olu, is making his way to Aulani – A Disney Resort in Hawaii! Olu is a playful turtle who loves music!

Here is a look at the very first Olu Disney pin! This pin-on-pin design features our new friend Olu relaxing on a water raft.

Olu Disney Pin A Friend of Duffy Aulani
Olu Disney Pin A Friend of Duffy

Olu officially arrives at Aulani – A Disney Spa & Resort on July 27, 2018. What do you think of Duffy’s new friend? We are excited to see more of Olu real soon!

Olu Arrives at Aulani!
Olu Arrives at Aulani!

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Photo credit: @anipins on Instagram