Mail The Magic

Mail The Magic, a new Disney Pins subscription box, is launching soon and they want YOUR INPUT!

Update: Giveaway closed on 8/16/16. Thanks for entering!

Complete this short 9-question survey and be entered to win TWO Disney Pins! The survey winner will be announced in 2 weeks. Mail The Magic will be using the results of the survey to help tailor the pin box to make it better for all Disney lovers. We will be reviewing one of the first pin boxes, so stay tuned for more from us and Mail The Magic.

Link this link to complete the survey and enter the giveaway:

Winning Pins:
Snow White Star Wars

More about Mail The Magic:

Mail The Magic

Mail The Magic will feature multiple options for monthly pin boxes, from 1 pin per month, to custom orders of select pins directly from the park. Mail The Magic is striving to be one of the most unique Disney subscription boxes. Each month, pins will be shipped direct from Orlando to your doorstep in a fun box that gives you a taste of the magic that only the Parks can provide.

Founded by two Disney lovers (and weekly parks visitors), Mail The Magic will feature fun social media and a video series of adventures through the parks and through the process of finding pins and shipping them.

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