Expanding Your Pin Trading Horizons

By: Jennifer Romano

Most people realize that Disney castmembers who wear black or green pin lanyards are more than happy to trade pins with anyone who has a pin to trade.  However, did you know that the resorts offer various pin trading opportunities as well?  Every day, each resort has a pin board that comes out for display at a certain time during the day.  The pin board is usually present for at least an hour, and everyone is welcome to trade pins.  We recently participated in this trading at the Polynesian Resort in the store that is near the monorail boarding area.  My husband and I traded for at least four pins!  There were many pins on the board that we don’t normally see up for trade, and it was fun to talk to the castmember about pin trading and the types of pins for which we were hunting.

Disney Pins 1

We have also done this type of trading at the Pop Century and the Grand Floridian.  The Pop Century’s pin board is often located in the lobby near the Check-in desk area, and there is also a board in the Everything Pop Gift Shop.  The Grand Floridian’s board can be found in the M. Mouse Mercantile store that is located right next to the monorail boarding area.  There is also another pin board in the downstairs Sundries store at the Grand Floridian.  If you ask, most stores have some sort of pin board that you can look at, and we have found some awesome pins on these boards.  The Wilderness Lodge also has a fun pin trading book, which is located in the lobby right behind the giant fireplace at the small pin store, which is one of the free-standing trolley style merchandise kiosks.  Anyone can just walk up to the book, look through it, and trade.

Disney Pin Lanyard 2

In addition to trading pins at the resorts, there are some other hidden pin- trading locations sprinkled throughout the parks.  For example, sometimes there is a pin board located next to the Time/Tip board as you enter the Animal Kingdom.  We have also seen a pin trading game at the Frontierland Trading Outpost in Magic Kingdom.  The game involves one of those small fishing type fair games where you have a tiny magnetic fishing pole, and you have to “catch” one of the fish.  You are given a pin depending on which fish you pick.  This game is only available for a very short time everyday, but it is a fun way to trade pins.  In Storybook Circus in Fantasyland, Big Top Souvenirs does pin trading in a creative way.  There is a large tray of plush popcorn that is used as a pin board.  You can trade pins by selecting a pin from the popcorn tray.  At Downtown Disney during a visit to D-Street, I noticed that there is a vinylmation only pin trading board in the back of the store.  If you have vinylmation pins to trade, this is the place to go if you want to get a particular vinylmation pin in return.  All of these opportunities offer a fun way to trade pins, and we have found some great pins by trading in these often unknown pin-trading locations.  So, whenever you visit a park or a store, ask if there is a pin board or some other pin-trading opportunity.  Happy Trading!

Disney 2014 Pin 3


Disney Illuminations Pin