Disney fans, especially Disney Pin Traders, have a certain type of lingo. Here is a guide to help with some of the abbreviations!

  • DLR (Disneyland® Resort)
  • WDW (Walt Disney World® Resort)
  • DLP (Disneyland® Paris)
  • HKDR or HKDL (Hong Kong Disneyland® Resort)
  • TDR (Tokyo Disney Resort)
  • SDR or SDL (Shanghai Disney Resort)
  • DSF (Disney Soda Fountain)
  • DSSH (Disney Studio Store Hollywood, formally known as DSF)
  • DVC (Disney Vacation Club®)
  • DCL (Disney Cruise Line®)
  • WDI (Walt Disney Imagineering)
  • DEC (Disney Employee Center)
  • CM (Cast Member)
Disney Pin Trading Lingo
Disney Pin Trading Lingo

Disney Pin Trading focused:

  • DPB (Disney Pins Blog)
  • OE (Open Edition pin)
  • LR (Limited Release pin)
  • LE (Limited Edition pin)
  • WDI (Walt Disney Imagineering pins)
  • MOG (Mickey’s of Glendale – Cast Member store)
  • AP (Artist Proof – This stamp on the back of the pin means 1 of 24)
  • PP (Pre-Production – rarer than APs, they are 1 of 3)
  • HM (Hidden Mickey pin)
  • RSP (Random Selection Process – Disney’s process for fair pin purchasing during events)
  • ISO (In Search Of)
  • HTF (Hard To Find)
  • NFT (Not For Trade)
  • NFS (Not For Sale)
  • PTD/PTS (Pin Traders Delight, Pin Traders Sundae)
  • SPR (Surprise Pin Release)
  • Grail (A pin collector’s favorite pin)
  • PTE (Pin Trading Event)
  • PTN (Pin Trading Night)
  • PODM (Piece of Disney Movie pin)
  • PODH (Piece of Disney History pin)
  • CME (Cast Member Exclusive pin)
  • CL (Cast Lanyard pin)
  • NBC (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Pinjury (Unintentionally stabbed from a pin post, sometimes drawing blood)


    • Many of the cast members (employees) had pins to trade at Disney World when I was there; however, when I was at Disneyland and Adventure for the first time last year, very few cast members has pins to trade. We were lucky to see 5 members with pins and we did look. Some stores had booksor boards if you new to ask, but that cuts into your time to enjoy the park.

  1. Hi there! i just wanted to let you guys now that here in paris everyone uses DLP since the « resort » disapeard from the name since 2010!

  2. Hi i’m trying to get into pin trading and there’s some lingos I don’t know like pm or dm can anyone tell me.

  3. I was wondering, do AP pins come with certificates? or is just the “AP” initial on the back sufficient to authenticate the AP status? Your help is appreciated! Thank you.

    • The AP pins I have purchased have not been accompanied by certificates, though their backing cards do have a “Passholder” Mickey-head emblem.

  4. Here are the big questions.
    1. How many different Disney pins have been made?

    2. Is there a web site listing/picturing them?
    I have begun collecting Disney railroad related pins. I don’t collect Runaway RR or Thunder Mountain RR pins. Only pins related to the different park original trains and stations.
    Is there a site for anything like this?
    Sincere Thanks,

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