Collecting and Trading Disney Pins at Disney Resorts

Collecting and Trading Disney Pins at Disney Resorts

If you are planning a trip to a Disney resort with your family, and if you or other members of your family have an interest in Disney pins, obtaining these collectibles may very well be part of your plans. When it comes to collecting pins while traveling, you are best served by having at least some strategy in mind. By adopting the tips discussed in this article, you place yourself in the best position to obtain an assortment of ideal Disney pins while vacationing at a Disney property. In point of fact, by adopting these strategies, you can even end up obtaining Disney pins that will increase in value over time, and perhaps even in the not too distant future.

Disney Pin Trading Board
Disney Pin Trading Board


Limited Edition and Exclusive Disney Pins

If you are like most seasoned pin collectors, or are just starting collecting Disney pins for the first time, you likely already at least have some interest in limited edition and exclusive Disney pins. A keen benefit of planning to collect and even trade Disney pins at a Disney park or resort is that you will have access to a variety of limited edition and exclusive Disney pins.

Take both Disneyland and Walt Disney World as prime examples of how you can go about finding limited edition and exclusive Disney pins. The place to start this process at Disneyland is Disney’s Pin Traders, which is located in the Downtown Disney District.

If your travels will take you to Walt Disney World, your starting point for limited edition and exclusive Disney pins should be Disney’s Pin Traders, which is located at Disney Springs.

Disney's Pin Traders
Disney’s Pin Traders

These both represent what can be best called flagship locations and they each maintain a wide assortment of pins including open edition pins, limited edition pins (pins that have only a certain number produced), and Disney pin trading accessories.

Not only do Disney theme parks have central locations for Disney pin collectors and traders, but so do other Disney properties and locales. These include Disney cruise ships as well.


Trading Pins with Disney Cast Members

If you are new to Disney pin collecting and trading, or if you are planning your first trip to a Disney theme park, there is another important fact you need to bear in mind. The cast members at Disney theme parks are involved in Disney Pin Trading. For the uninitiated, the Disney Company refers to its theme park employees as cast members.

If you intend to trade with a Disney cast member, you must make absolutely certain that you have an authentic Disney collectible. Look for the “© Disney” mark on the back of a Disney pin. Unfortunately, counterfeit Disney collectibles are a major problem. A truly unfortunate thing to do would be to attempt to trade fake Disney pin with a theme park cast member. Click here to read about fake Disney Pins.

There are some rules associated with trading with Disney cast members. A primary part of that code is that you must limit your trades to two with any one Disney cast member on a given day.


Pin Trading Events at Disney Properties

What you may not realize, even if you have at least some experience in collecting and trading Disney pins, is that the theme parks hold events periodically throughout the year that focus on trading. Some of these events are free, some do charge a fee for admission and participation.

Pin Event

These events provide not only a solid opportunity to trade Disney pins, but they can also prove to be an educational experience for you. There will be people attending these events that have been collecting and trading Disney pins for truly extended periods of time. These individuals can be great resources of advice and information for you.


Starting a Disney Pin Collection

There exist a variety of ways to start a Disney pin collection. The internet is a great resource to begin laying the foundation for a Disney pin collection.

A visit to a Disney resort represents a solid way to begin building a Disney pin collection. Not only will you have access to a broad spectrum of Disney pins at a resort, you will also have an opportunity to see up front and personal the different categories of Disney pins that are available. This opportunity provides you with an invaluable means to narrowing your focus when it comes to collecting specific types of pins at the outset of your efforts.

At a Disney resort, you will be able to see an incredible number of Disney pins up close. Moreover, you also may well be able to learn a good deal about Disney pin collecting and trading from individuals who have been involved with these activities for an extended period of time.

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