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    AvatarJulie Lyles

    I can’t really explain most of my criteria because most of it comes down to my personal choice of which pins to collect. I have probably the broadest theme possible as my main collection: a desire to collect everything Disney in order to create boards organized by release or opening year. With this theme I only allow myself one or two pins of everything unless it is a movie I would collect regardless (side collections currently include Pocahontas, Peter Pan, Marvel, Big Hero 6, Dogs and an unanticipated Aladdin collection). This has become my limiting factor causing me to be very picky with the pins I choose to represent that movie or attraction. I started by choosing sets that I would like to have all of (countdown to the millennium, 100 years of dreams, magical musical moments, Dave Smith, and award winners) and worked out from there to fill any gaps. Still waiting on the right opportunity to get most of these sets, but they will be the base of my collection when I do.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)