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    So, how did YOU get started with Disney Pin Trading & Collecting?

    Becka and I share our stories on episode #116 of the DPB Podcast.


    Here are all of the responses from last weeks episode! Thanks for sharing your stories on the blog post and YouTube!!

    Awesome! I watch DPB and DisneyKittee the most out of all the YouTube channels I follow. They always make me happy! Loved hearing both of your pin stories!
    My pin story (kinda boring): My family took a few trips to WDW in the 90’s and I got some lapel pins that I loved. Then (like you two) I took a hiatus for high school and college. In 2015 my husband and I honeymooned at WDW and I fell in love with the pins again and also discovered mystery pins at the same time. But I couldn’t figure out why all the cast members were wearing lanyards. Being a little shy and not wanting to ask, I just assumed they were advertising. It wasn’t until I saw some people lined up to trade on a board that I noticed all of the signs about trading pins! Duh! Those signs were everywhere! I’m a collector by nature, so needless to say, all hell broke loose. Hahaha!!

    Similar to Becca on the podcast, I’ve always just kind of liked pins as souvenirs – I either outgrow or grow bored of t-shirts after a while, I don’t drink coffee (so no mugs for me), and most of the other normal souvenirs never really appealed to me, but I wear jackets a lot for work, and usually have a pin or button on my baseball hat at any given time.

    I think I first noticed Disney pins when I went around 2001-02 (I had just finished 7th grade, so I think it was that summer) and bought a few and I think traded a bit with cast members at the time (I remember them pushing it really hard, to the point where cast members were asking me if I wanted to trade instead of my initiating it). I never really picked up the hobby of trading with people (I’m really shy, and don’t particularly like asking people for things in general), but I usually got a couple of random ones whenever I went to Disney.

    Now, however, I still don’t really trade, but my fiancee and I (we got engaged at Disney last summer) decided that whenever we go in the future they would be our souvenirs for friends and family, which I guess will necessitate some trading in the future… As for me, I collect starter sets and Galaxy’s Edge pins (well, that’s a pre-emptive collection, but I have all 3 so far!)

    FalconAshe K:
    I can only give the video one thumb up. I need two, one for Becka and one for Ryan. Great video. My wife at the time girlfriend went to WDW in 2007. We saw people in the parks in with big lanyards filled with pins. We both thought it was a great way to remind us about the trips. 2009 was our honeymoon and we started buy pins more frequently. That’s where the rabbit hole began for us.

    Jonnyboy 7:
    Great show as always Ryan! I started in September of 2016, I have 4 kids and bought us all lanyards and 50 pins to share and trade in the parks. We loved it and it started a great bond that the 5 of us have. We combined have over 1,000 pins now but I feel that I’ve become the most obsessive collector of all. I love your vlogs and website because i love hearing the new releases and upcoming events. Pin trading and collecting is a great memory Maker with your family and a whole lot of fun…

    Lisa Thomas:
    Just took our 3rd trip to Disney and it was my first for pin trading…..I’m hooked! I wanted to start in 2013 on our first trip but was unsure, then in 2015 I was still hesitant because I wasn’t sure if my boys would want to keep coming back to Disney as they grew older. This time I realized I love Disney so much -with or without our boys 😉 so I bit the bullet and started pin trading. Oh and we also became Annual Passholders. We’re all in! Love your channel and your blog!


    I have a small collection of pins from 1985-1995. These were Anime pins collected at a few different conventions in the Dallas-Ft Worth area (before Project A-Kon outgrew Richardson’s hotels)… I had Lum, Kahm, and Ranma. In August 1996, I visited a guy in Florida that I had been chatting with since May (after Akon 7). While meeting him, visiting him, we spent 2 days and one night out at WDW. We went to Disney MGM studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom…. not sure if we hit EPCOT or not. However, when we were at Animal Kingdom, I picked up my first Tigger pin, and a that says “Tigger”… no lanyard, no armfuls of pins. Just the Tigger. Tigger went on the hat, and remained there until last year. So, I went back home to DFW area. In tears, not wanting to leave. How often do you go to WDW and meet your soul mate in one weekend??? Mid-October 1996, I moved to Florida. I’ve been getting pins here and there, just looking for Tigger and Tink. Then, I added Stitch, then Pascal. And Hidden Mickeys, and more hidden Mickeys. I think I may have a problem..

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