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    It episode #139 we discuss other places to buy Disney pins besides Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

    Where do you purchase pins from when not at the parks?

    Episode #139 | Disney Pin News & Where to Buy Pins Other than the Parks?


    Hey everyone! I found some good places to buy and/or trade disney pins online:

    Boosterpacks and Beyond
    They are a shop located in Kissimmee, Florida that sell authentic Disney pins of all varieties including open edition and LE. There is also a trading group sponsored by BPB which I linked above as well! (Disney PinZanitY selling and trading sponsored by BPB)

    Hope this helps!


    Its not purchasing, but always look at Antique Store and Goodwill because sometimes they put them in the jewelry isle being they think you wear these. I have found many great pins there. Even if you don’t like them, can always use them as traders.


    There are also the websites that sell authentic Disney pins: Boxlunch, Hot Topic, Harveys, and Pinopolis. There was also the recent Hallmark Itty Bitty pins on their website.


    I’ve had great luck, starting with or joining a local pin trading group. There is always some members who are going back and forth to parks, and willing to share the excitment by picking up a few pins. Plus its very social! 🙂


    Great suggestions everyone!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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