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    Unfortunately I live far from WDW, so I get pins online, and they can be much more expensive than at the park (or cheaper, depending).

    I was wondering how much you’d be willing to spend on a single pin? The one I have my eye on right now is $27 for a PTD, which I don’t have the chance to get otherwise. It’s the cheapest among most of the results I’ve seen for PTD pins.

    So my question stands, would this be too much? And how much is too much for one pin, despite its value?

    Leigh Erica

    PTD’s are hard to get a rack price unless you go the the flip at the Hollywood store. If it’s a pin you want and a seller you trust I would go for. I have spent close to $100 on a pin in the secondary market. I have spent over $100 on a jumbo pin a bought at a Disney event. The value of a pin really has to do with how much you want it, and how common that pin is. You can always check Ebay to see what that pin has sold for in the past. Honestly I think $27 for a PTD is a reasonable price and I would be fine paying that amount


    $27 is a fair price for one pin. I have spent well over that for a single pin that I HAD to have and was totally ok with spending the money. If you can afford it, really like it, and there is no way for you to buy it in any other way for cheaper, then I say $27 is worth it. I agree it is frustrating when you find a pin online for sale and you know the original price for the pin is half the price of what they’re selling it for. But again, you have to ask yourself do you really like it and can you afford it? If yes to both, then I say buy, buy, buy!


    I used to think I would spend no more than $20 on a pin. And I just paid 35 for a Fairy Godmother pin.

    Anita Anderson

    If it’s a pin I’m in love with……probably up to $150.
    The most I’ve actually ever paid was $84 for an older pin that you rarely see on the secondary market.


    It depends on the pin 🙂


    Well, update: I ordered it and with shipping it was $31, which isn’t so bad because I had a $50 Amazon card unused and left over from Christmas.

    The unfortunate thing is that many of the pins I want are rare the majority of the time, meaning they will likely be more expensive.


    So yea just had to come back real quick and “vent” about these WDI Heroine pins that just got released. WHO HAS $500 to spend on one pin?!?! I mean I love great pins and would love to have some of them (which is why I was looking them up on eBay to see if I could get the Venellope), but OVER $300 for her and over $500 for Rapunzel? Who are these people that spend THAT much on one pin?

    Vent off.


    I know! I’ve been trolling Instagram for pins after I got one recently and I’ve been seeing nothing but these beautiful WDI Heroine and Villain pins. There’s no doubt I want them, but everyone I follow is selling them for hundreds of dollars! I posted about this very thing on another forum topic and it’s just irritated me so much. And guess what? These people are sold out, meaning people have been spending approximately $250 on one pin. It baffles me.

    The highest price I saw was Rapunzel for $600!


    I think the most I spent on a pin was $175. That was for an ACME pin.

    These Heroine prices though! Nuts!


    The most I would personally spend on a pin is ~$40. Only if it’s really special.


    The right pin could be worth $2000. But this would be a solid gold 10K late 60s cast ring with original box. Among newer pins… I could see spending $500. Not on the heroines, I feel those are high. But something even more limited, like an error noticed on a monthly LE that gets pulled before the parks can even sell it… well, it’s about rarity and what you collect. You really can’t collect everything, unless you have very very deep pockets and a lot of spare room. $50 is a guideline limit, if it’s more than that I do research on sales prices and things like that.


    That’s true, but just because a pin is worth a certain amount, that may not mean anyone is willing to pay that much of their own money since most can’t afford to spend like that. Maybe I’m just cheap, but I’m also passionate about this trading and collecting, so I see where you’re coming from.

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