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    AvatarJohn Stacy

    We recently had a Box Lunch open in Toledo. They do have a ton of pins, and blog posts here point out some of the new ones. I assume these aren’t trade-able, but do people trade them anyway? Do people trade BL for BL pins?

    Thanks — John.


    Technically they are just collector pins and aren’t advertised for trading. But, you can still trade them with guests and Cast Members. They have a Disney copyright on them and are officially licensed, they just don’t feature the Disney Pin Trading logo on the back.

    They do have a huge selection of pins and keep adding more! 🙂


    Some people trade box lunch for box lunch, but most people try to trade for other pins. So, say someone wants box lunch pins but don’t want to buy it. They have various rack pins in their traders that they want to trade for them and so on.

    AvatarAndrew Malowitz

    I bought a few Box Lunch pins and traded them during the Love is Adventure and no issue. If anyone asked I let them know where I got them and what they were. No issues thus far. I feel they are pretty cool pins with good value.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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