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    I did my research and bought (to the best of my knowledge) authentic sealed pin packs on EBay. I use them as “rewards” for my kids’ school work and things like that. For $4 & $5 a pin, it’s totally worth it. My kids traded them in the parks just a few weeks ago, and had more fun than I could have hoped! One pin my daughter got on a trade was obviously fake (color and quality was very poor). But all the others seemed legit…until I started watching YouTube videos. Now I don’t think they traded for a single authentic pin. Should I be upset about this? because I’m not sure I am. All the pins my girls brought back seem of good quality. The tell-tail signs on the back of the pins all seem to check out. If didn’t know about “soft enamel” and “dipped” look, I’d never know these might be fake. There seems to be so many variables what defines a “fake” pin, that nobody can seem to agree. (Hard/soft enamel/dipped look/pin nubs vs no pin nubs/ short vs tall pin nubs/ 1 or 2 pin nubs/stamped pattern on the back/stamped pin trader logo size.) Is there really any future large monetary value to be had in these trading pins? I still won’t buy large pin scrapper lots out of principal. I also buy higher priced pins that I don’t intend on trading. Should I really be concerned that the pins my kids bring home, which are just as shiny and neat as the ones I buy, might be fake?


    That sounds like a good deal. I love EBay but you do have to watch out for scammers.


    It is sad to think about spending real money and getting fake pins. Unfortunately, when most of us pin traders just started out, that’s exactly what we did. 🙁

    But, rather than purchasing on eBay, there are quite a few sellers (that sell on eBay too, but also sell on other forms of social media) that sell authentic pins at $1.75-3 per pin + shipping.


    Your kids are happy, and that’s all that matters. My daughter has pins of various value, so I tell her which she can and cannot trade. I usually keep those separate. Every pin she got from another child or cast member was a fake, but she likes them, and I didn’t spend much on the ones she traded away, so I don’t feel bad either.

    Also, fakes tend to be from this decade, so see if you can find cheaper older pins to buy.


    Hi All,

    Here are the pins I collected when I worked for Disney. Could anyone tell me their value?

    Thank you,


    Not sure why my photo isn’t uploading. Here’s another try.

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