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    so quick question. youtubers all over like to tell you what is obviously tell tell fake and what is not. after watching several videos you start to notice A LOT of contradictions. so my confusions comes from these contradictions. a lot of people will tell you that if (for example) there is no waffle print or no nipples next to the pin it’s “obviously” a fake. the problem is i bought a pin from the disney outlet store this weekend and no waffle print and no nipples next to the pin. OBVIOUSLY is an authentic pin as i bought directly from Disney. that being said. what IS the truth about telling fakes and real?

    Thanks for the clarification


    YouTubers give simple guidelines, not actual rules. I’ve purchased flawed pins direct from Disney, some without any pattern on the back OR official trading logo. Unless you have a real and a fake side by side, the only real way of knowing is making sure the enamel and metal are completely smooth. No divets in the paint, no metal boarders poking out, and polished, not dull paint, and the metal edging is also smoothed. Disney has misspellings. Disney has paint flaws. Disney has metal flaws. Disney will even put the wrong character names on pins. I have these pins unfortunately. I bought them, myself, in the park stores. If you have a question on a specific pin, compare the pin with its pinpics entry. See if the design and paint are similar. Check eBay for the pin, filter cheap and from China, what do they look like? I’ve gotten some knowingly from China they were in excellent condition. My guess is, after they made the limited run, they kept making them and/or kept flawed ones meant for the trash. And of course, if it’s on a cast lanyard or board, just pretty much assume it’s fake. Only trade if you’re ok with that possibility.

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