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    That’s the question for this week! Do you prefer regular or wide Disney lanyards?

    Leave a comment below and we will discuss on episode #103 of the DPB Podcast.

    Leigh Erica

    I prefer the regular lanyards. The large are really nice to display pins on, but I think they can be too heavy/cumbersome. To be fair, I am not a huge lanyard person. I use the small Disney pin bag I use like a fanny pack.


    I’ve only ever tried regular sized when trading in the parks. I think the wide would be too much around the neck, and with the heat would be uncomfortable.

    Captain Devon

    I definitely prefer regular lanyards for when I go to the parks. Most of the time I’m only bringing traders and not collection type pins so the smaller lanyards work just fine. If I’m trying to show off some of my larger pins or maybe wear a themed lanyard for the day I’ll use a custom wide lanyard for those situations.


    I prefer regular size lanyards. The wide ones may be too much for my neck at the parks all day, but wide ones are great for displaying your pins at events!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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