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    The prices keep going up and the pin size and quality keep going down. When is Disney going to get it? They finally realized creative people were making interesting quality apparel out there. The same thing is going to happen for serious pin collectors. Makes me so sad 🙁 Walt Disney always said “Quality will out”.


    I think it depends on the pin. I’ve accidentally purchased some flawed pins, and noticed racks and racks of equally flawed pins when I actually take the time to be anal before purchasing. But I also have gotten some bad pins in the 90s, and one in the 80s. These pins were so bad that they had to rerelease them as modified designs to correct the problem.

    As for size, I’ve noticed that most pins are larger than those released in the 20th century. I actually like the new loungefly releases because they are more like the original sizing.

    Now, as for pricing, I literally have a catalog of cards that my pins came from. 90s pins were $6. 80s pins were $4.50. You can confirm this by looking up various pins on When you calculate for inflation, they’re pretty caught up. However, I have a few 2000 releases that were still $6, calculating for inflation, that $8.86, not $9.99 like they are today. But they were also trying to promote collecting and trading for the very first time, so maybe the cheaper price reflects this. Also, while larger pins were offered, they still were selling smaller ones. We’re talking half the size! So the higher price not only factors in inflation, but the additional material required in making them bigger. Also, for other higher pricing, note that they didn’t have pin on pin layering back then, or fancy metallic paints or other details.

    I agree with you in that it feels like price is getting higher while quality is getting lower, but in reality, we’re simply getting old. Things will always be cheaper when you were younger, regardless of where you are or what decade. And with Disney releasing waaaaay too many pins than back in the day, the chances of flaws are higher, but they need to still have serious quality controls set in place to prevent poor quality products from cheapening the brand.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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