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    Has tanyone ever thought of creating a “pin grading scale,” similar to baseball cards? I’m new to pin trading, but I see so much emphasis put on “fakes,” and “scrappers.” There seems to be so many unofficial pins out there, that it’s impossible to reign in. There also, seems to be a lot of disagreement about how to determine what a “fake” really is. Lastly, my kids have received what I think are Scrappers (at least from what I’ve read). But some of these pins are pretty darn nice-looking. Has anyone ever thought about creating a grading scale for the quality of the pin, rather than just “official/fake/scrapper?” That way you could objectively grade/rate the quality of the pin, rather than just dismiss it as “fake/scrapper.” One idea I had was to rate it like on the number of imperfections, like diamonds. For example, a perfect Official pin would be “D-zero.” If a pin had concave or imperfect enamel, and a rough edge on the back, that would be “D2” (two defects). If a pin had a blurry trademark on the back that would be “D1”. (For 1 defect) Does this make sense? This way you’d be concerned about the quality of the pin, and less about it being fake. I’ve learned a lot from this blog and Facebook page. I don’t know enough about pins to start something like this, but there are folks on this page/site that do. A grading system like this has potential to become the gold-standard grading scale for these pins. I’m just proposing the question, here. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.


    I have purchased a lot of flawed pins at the park themselves, and some park pins that don’t even have the trading logo (too old). So there definitely needs to be something else put into place. Also, there are some genuine Disney pins that aren’t even official trading pins. Pins that Loungefly and others have put out that are licensed, and sought by collectors, but simply don’t have the logo. Then there are fantasy pins, which not only do not have the trading logo, but they aren’t even licensed, yet they will sell for $50+ sometimes.

    So there should be a quality scale, and a category scale. Category being park pins pre-official trading, park pins post official trading, licensed pins, and fantasy pins. The fake/scrapper pins should be categorized among the official trading, things that’s how pinpics categorizes them. Once there, they would naturally fall under the bottom scale since quality would be significantly low, and being a potential fake devalues it too.


    So, there was a pin grading service that was started a few years ago. I don’t think it’s active anymore.


    PIN grading was tried years ago and died on the vine.

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