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    New to the forums, looking forward to chatting about pins and all other things Disney!

    I’ve been looking at a particular pin on ebay, a Living Seas pin featuring a scuba-diving Mickey. Of course, it’s an older pin, and I also am aware that many sellers on ebay try to sell fakes or scrappers. Also, I know that the backs of the Disney pins have changed over the years, so I’m trying to find out what sort of backing to look for. The Living Seas Mickey pin came out around 2000, and I have seen so many different versions of the back that I have no idea which one is the real deal.

    Any insight anyone here can offer would be much appreciated and would be super helpful in my decision on which purchase to make!


    All I can really help you out with is the authenticity of the back (if you’re able to see it). Disney has always sold pins in the park, but pushed it a bit more in 2000. They had yet marked pins with the “official pin trading logo). Many still had a grid waffle like pattern on the back from the 80s and 90s, (Unlike the modern Mickey’s), but I have some from 2000 that had no pattern and were completely smooth. Instead of the official pin trading logo, they all had the official hidden Mickey 2000 logo, as well as their slogan for the millennium celebration, “Celebrating the future hand and hand,” followed by the words “Walt Disney World”

    Also, considering that pin trading had just become to be, with an even larger push in 2001, these pins probably weren’t ever faked. Don’t take my word for it or anything, but fakes pretty much started this current decade.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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