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    Hello! I am new to the blog, but not necessarily new to pin trading. I have been collecting ALL the pins from the EPCOT35 Collection from last year. Now, some of the pins that I have yet to purchase have been Canceled, so I can no longer purchase them. I need only 2 more pins to complete the mystery pin trading set. I have LOTS of others in the EPCOT35 Mystery Pin Collection to trade if you need one specific pin. I am willing to trade up to 2 for 1 of my missing pins!

    The Pins I am IN SEARCH OF:
    • Imagination (Pinkish/Reddish Pin, Imagination Pavilion Aperture logo)
    • Wonders (Reddish Pin, Wonders of Life Pavilion human body logo)

    The Pins I HAVE TO TRADE:
    • (5) Universe of Energy (Red Pin, Universe of Energy circular wave logo pattern)
    • (3) Communicore (Purple Pin, Communicore parenthetic designed logo)
    • (2) Land (Green Pin, Land Pavilion plant logo)
    • (2) World of Motion (Blue Pin, With World of Motion Logo of a circle pushing through from the side)
    • (1) Horizons (Blue Pin, Horizons logo of a horizon)
    • (1) Spaceship Earth (Golden Orange Pin, Spaceship Earth Logo of a globe moving from the side)

    If you are interested in trading pins, Comment below that you are interested, and send me a message with your proposal. I will mail the pin with a tracking number through the postal service so that you can keep up with the pin as it is on its way to your location. I will expect similar treatment with any trades so that we both have peace of mind. Thank you for your understanding!

    Attached is an image of what I have and what the pins I need look like. I need the ones denoted by a STAR. The NUMBER on the various pins denote HOW MANY OF EACH PIN I HAVE. I purchased these pins at Walt Disney World and have had the unfortunate luck of getting LOTS of duplicates this year of purchasing them! PLEASE NOTE: I have NO Living Seas pins to trade at this time, as denoted by nothing on that pin in the image.

    Thanks so much fellow traders, and I hope to hear from someone soon on a possible trade!


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