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    In episode #128, we talk about the different ways to store Disney Pins! Here is our list:

    -Disney Pin Bags/Books
    -Cork Boards

    What is YOUR favorite way to store Disney Pins?


    I make my own cork boards out of thrift store frames and cork I buy online. I take out the glass from the frame and cut the cork to fit. Then, I sandwich the cork and cardboard backing back into the frame and voila! Your own cork board! I use a whole bunch of frames in different sizes and colors because I like the mis-matched look. Standard boards are just too plain for me.


    I’m too afraid to put my pins in those hard cork boards. I have this cute little piece of fabric with a fish on it and I just use that. It’s a little thicker than a normal sheet of fabric because it had some sticky paper on the back before I actually used it.
    I know it’s not the most “professional” looking way to store, but it works, I think it looks nice when hung up, and it doesn’t make me paranoid about my pins coming loose.


    I’m like you guys on the podcast. Pretty much a combo of all the above. Put the stuff I love most and don’t want to trade on a big cork board in my room to always see. Pin book/bag for bringing to parties and Epcot to trade with others. Lanyard for trading in parks with CMs while exploring Disney.


    I keep most of my pins in my pin bag. The only pins I have displayed on A cork board are my PTD pins. Collection is getting pretty big, almost time for a second cork board!


    At the moment I just have them on my dresser with most of them having their paper backs still on them. I really want to get a cork board to display them all. I have some of them hanging on two lanyards that I recently bought. I don’t like the idea of putting them into binders or anything since I really want to have them on display.


    I went back and watched that to get ideas. I’ve lately been using baseball card holder sheets to store my LE pins with the cardboard papers they come with. I’ve been super happy with that as i don’t use them/move them much and they can be stored and protected. I have a pinfolio for the rest and small disney pin bag for the ones I store and don’t use. Though as I recently reached the 100+ threshold I am looking at another bag of some kind.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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