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    Was at WDW this lat week and it appears fakes are everywhere depending on what you look for and who you talk to. The magnet test was not an indicator but many hidden mickey sets from 2009-2014 are showing up with bright colors and when you run your finger over them you can feel the seams between colors like a “ridge.” I spoke with a manager who used to work in Pins and confirmed the surface of HM pins of that timeline should be smooth and should not look brand new.
    Overall was kind of disappointed in the trading this trip. Well over half of the cast didn’t have pins and were not enthusiastic to take the time to trade. I hope Disney is taking at least attempting to limit the illegal introduction of pins to their market.


    Or how ’bout the ebay sales for LE pins for overexaggerated prices on Release day for even before.


    I know this forum is old, but I was trolling the forums and just had to say:

    The same happens on Instagram. And people actually buy them! Lately in the heroine pin set (the profiles on the coloured backgrounds), people are selling them for hundreds of dollars on the day of their release and even after that. Ridiculous. They’re beautiful pins that I want for myself, but still ridiculous.


    I actually don’t mind this at all, because it validates the entire hobby when there are sellouts in two hours for pins, and prices go high quickly on eBay, even with 2 per person limits. I’m able to buy an expensive pin for myself, and simply list the other pin on eBay at the list price of the pin (which I do), and basically be able to afford my pass and getting a pin collection. I really don’t think I’m at fault if it gets bid up quickly simply because the pin sold out – I’m not selling a fake from Hong Kong (how can people really buy these?!?), I take care packaging it (I know people care about the card backs even!), and I take the time to be there a lot earlier than I usually am as a local passholder just to get myself a pin along with the extra. To be honest, I always thought of it as a service, and since it takes two hours… I mean, minimum wage is $7.50 to $15. So, add on the price of the pin, shipping it WELL, and maybe $15 to $30 for doing the errand, and the prices are right in line. I suppose this is all my opinion , and I do see some of the huge profits on Heroines pins and think maybe it is excessive there… but those are also for cast members only to buy. And they make so little, i’m Quite sure this is one of their only “legal” ways to make a good extra little bit of money AND help the pin collecting community. I suppose it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

    Weird. Came here cause my kid had a fake traded to them, and I just wanted to point out that I have never seen a fake WITH a card back. So for these same pins that get expensive really fast, always see if they’re carded, and see if they’re local to Disneyland or Disney World (NEVER BUY FROM HONG KONG!). If they aren’t both, pass. As for actual pins.. there are great articles here to read, but the rough edges, wrong colors, and sometimes wrong spelling/lettering/lack of spaces always stand out to me, and I seem to catch a lot of fakes at Disneyland. The newer employees usually get a one minute lesson from me then on it too lol.

    Happy trading!

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