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    In episode #135, Becka and I discuss the Disney pin news and deciding on which pins to collect!

    How did you decide which pins to collect? Do you focus on one character or attraction? Let us know!

    Listen here:

    or watch on YouTube:


    I collect Cinderella and Daisy Duck pins. Daisy Duck is really a fun character and doesn’t always get the limelight. Although, I focus on pins that have Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse together. Cinderella was my favorite princess when I was little. I like Minnie and Daisy together because I really like the girlie friendship aspect of those pins. It’s just fun!


    I like collecting Park emblems/signs, Aladdin,Little Mermaid and Disney Villans.

    For those of you who can’t get to the parks regularly, where do you get your pins from? Can you get new releases outside the parks?



    I, like the two of you guys said on the podcast, started by just getting everything that I “liked”. This quickly became too much after I realized that there are literally millions of pins out there and just having the ones I like isn’t viable. So now I kind of break it down in to must have collections and things that if I LOVE, I will trade for. Must haves are very specific, like Jafar for me, anything Jafar I want. Where I will get things that are more general like Aladdin that I love. Another biggie for me is Wreck it Ralph, since I dont see a ton of him (and things related to his movie) out there I try and get everything Wreck it Ralph. This of course will change when the sequel comes out later this year and I will again probably narrow it down to Venelope specifically or something.

    Keep up the good work on the site. Hope to see you guys on Saturday at Toy Story Land!


    Love this discussion. I just recently started collecting (last year) and hit the 100+ point of my collection and now I’m starting to feel the need to be more selective of my pins. I like mystery packs so its mostly a random collection of different packs but no completed sets. Other than that I’m trying to actively collect everything Chip and Dale with emphasis of pins with them on rides. I also buy some limited edition pins for ride anniversaries but I’ll probably have to keep it more limited moving forward.


    I’m still working on this, myself. There are so many pins out there and I live 12 hours from the nearest park. 🙁

    The closest things I have to collections so far are Mulan and Hercules. I would like to start a Great Mouse Detective collection, especially. It’s hard for me to get pins right now, though, especially from those movies. I don’t see anyone else doing GMD or Mulan as much. 🙂

    AvatarJulie Lyles

    I can’t really explain most of my criteria because most of it comes down to my personal choice of which pins to collect. I have probably the broadest theme possible as my main collection: a desire to collect everything Disney in order to create boards organized by release or opening year. With this theme I only allow myself one or two pins of everything unless it is a movie I would collect regardless (side collections currently include Pocahontas, Peter Pan, Marvel, Big Hero 6, Dogs and an unanticipated Aladdin collection). This has become my limiting factor causing me to be very picky with the pins I choose to represent that movie or attraction. I started by choosing sets that I would like to have all of (countdown to the millennium, 100 years of dreams, magical musical moments, Dave Smith, and award winners) and worked out from there to fill any gaps. Still waiting on the right opportunity to get most of these sets, but they will be the base of my collection when I do.


    I am new to collecting pins and so far I have a really limited collection … (1) Alien or Little Green Men (2) Wall-E and (3) Chip n’ Dale. I would like to obtain some really nice Pascal from Tangled pins, but I haven’t really found ones that I like. I saw Pascal at the very bottom of the Fairy Tails poster and got really excited to see what they will do for the next pin event with Pascal. I also have some pins that remind me of specific trips or rides, but they are kind of a hodgepodge and aren’t really in a group.

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