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    In episode #130, we discussed the current state of Disney Pin Trading with Cast Members at Disney Parks. We had a lot of comments on YouTube, but if you listened instead on the website, iTunes or Google Play, leave a comment with your thoughts here!

    Episode #130 | Pin News & Current State of Pin Trading at Disney Parks


    I’ve only gone twice to the parks since I started pin trading but I can see why everyone is so frustrated. All the lanyards and pin boards I saw were covered in the same scrappers over and over again. And for me as a beginner I felt like even if I thought I saw a real pin I was way too scared to trade just in case it was really a fake. It sucks because I feel like it could be super fun but…


    Having just started to get into pin trading, it didn’t take me very long to notice that pretty much all of the cast members have the same pins from those ebay pin lots. I know that a lot of those pins are fake or scrappers. Talking to my friends who pin trade, they’ve bought those ebay lots and are entirely convinced that they are real. I don’t know how to convince them otherwise, but the problem is going to be very hard to combat if people are thinking these big pin lots are real. Also seeing an increase in Princess Marathon pins since the cast store is selling them for $.99 a piece, or the Disney Marathon pins for $.50. Expect to see a lot of those, but at least some of them are pretty cool pins and should make someone happy and at least they are real.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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