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    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to start an official thread here for the big 2020 pin trading event at Walt Disney World! The theme is “Celebrating 20 Years of Disney Pins” since it’s the 20th anniversary of Disney Pin Trading.

    No date yet but the event should take place in summer of 2020.

    Here is the announcement post:


    Still no word on a date?


    looks like we have to be there for registration as well, I sure do hope not wonder what the cost will be this year?


    It is interesting that it appears to be a Sat and Sun this year.


    called events today there will be online sign up they did not have the dates yet, instead of Thursday ear;y pick-up it will be on Friday the day before. that will be a long day with everyone picking up at the same time


    I see the Dale pin for the 20th years pins has been released what happed to the Daisy pin that was suppose to be released in March and any word are we still trying to have the event in August or are we going to sell all of it online as well.


    Any detail on advanced registration for this event yet? I am one of those people who need to make sure all my plans are in concrete. LOL.


    Has anyone heard when this might be rescheduled or if it will be held at all?


    Just saw this on Been dreading the news, but figured there was no way they could have the Annual Pin Trading Event while social distancing! Guess I’m going to cancel my reservations for the Boardwalk now and use those DVC points for when things are back to “normal”, or at least when we can trade pins with cast members off their lanyards again…

    The 2020 Pin Trading Event, which was originally scheduled to be held in-person at World Showplace at Epcot on August 22-23, 2020, will instead be conducted as a virtual online event on a date and time to be announced in the near future. Guests will still have the chance to discover and purchase from the unique collection of pins created for this event and virtually connect with fellow pin fans to remember and reminisce on 20 years of pin trading.

    For the past 20 years, we have gathered to celebrate the magic of pin trading. We’ve journeyed through time, shared Walt’s dream, gathered for a decade of memories, joined the circus, came face-to-face with Disney Villains, let our imaginations soar, had adventures like none other and now here we are at a new milestone. Although this event will take place virtually for the first time, we invite you to remember and reminisce, connect with old friends and make new ones in the community—the family we’ve built together, no matter where you are.


    Hey everyone! I know a lot have been asking about the virtual pin event. I don’t believe it will be happening in August since Disney is still working out details. I think it will be some sort of RSP online along with maybe something else (pin preview? not sure yet). If I had to guess it probably won’t happen until the Fall.

    Celebrating 20 Years of Disney Pins Event Goes Virtual


    So do we know if the Donald Duck (#36) and the center piece (#34) will only be sold at the event? I’ve just got all of them to this point and that would stink if I couldn’t complete the collection without paying for the event.


    This is my first Pin Event – I’m really confused by RSP. There are 2 pins I would like. How do I create my RSP so I have the best chance?
    #31 Disney Film Story Tellers – I only want the Pongo pin, but it comes as a set.. so if I get it.-I get it -I think.
    #20 Recollections – I’d like the Fairy Tails Pin (because Patch!). But it’s randomly selected..

    So should I put Recollections as my number #1 choice in all three rounds?
    I’m not sure how to get the best chances of getting the Patch Fairy Tail Pin.

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