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    Hey everyone!

    Besides Disney’s Animation Celebration event at Epcot, does anyone plan on attending the Non-Disney events?

    There is the Orlando Evenings of Enchantment each night at the Swan Hotel. Then on Sunday, is the day long event at Holiday Inn at Disney Springs.

    I think I will probably make an appearance at both of these events. We aren’t sponsoring a table this year like we did last year, but will still have coverage.

    Here are the links with details:

    Orlando Evenings of Enchantment 2018

    Ultimate Pin Trading Celebration 2018 Event


    I may try and stop by on one of these nights. After all day pin trading want to spend a bit of time in the parks though over the weekend. Gotta get over to Toy Story Land Im sure at some point during the weekend.


    We’ll be at the Animation celebration Friday and Saturday, and more than likely will be going to Evenings of Enchantment on Friday night. We are really considering getting the Chaser package. You get early entry and you also get about 17 LE pins, and a table (which I’m iffy about, as I don’t think I have many awesome pins anyone would want). It’s a bit pricey though. Since there’s not much information on those pins do you feel like it be worth it?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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