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    Hello everyone.
    I thought I would start this threat so people could post there thoughts on the event.
    I’ll start with my thoughts.
    This was my first pin event of any kind. I am more of a collector than a trader so my main motivation was the RSP pins. I was very nervous about the pin trading lines.
    MY RSP did include 10 mystery boxes. Completing the set was a good way for me to get some non-board trading. It felt very good to complete the set.
    For the 1st trading board, I was very nervous but several people in line helped calm my nerves. After completing my 1st trade I felt like a pro (or semi pro).
    Over the 2 days I traded all my tabs and all my pins were either AP or PP except one. I was very happy with that.
    I got several of my pins signed by the artists which was cool.
    The only negatives I have are the long lines. Several lines were an hour and a half. Some of the cast members did not really enforce the 1 minute time limit and were very slow to transition to the next person. Another minor negative was the Drawing pin set. However, I collect Figment so it was not terrible.
    The rest of the event was a positive. The did a good job switching out the boards every 30 minutes. Everyone was very friendly.
    I definitely plan on attending next year.
    Please posts your thoughts on the event. I am interested in hearing other peoples perspectives.


    This was my second year doing the event, and this year was WAY better than last! The lines were about the same as last year, it’s part of the event. They seemed to change the boards more often and on a great schedule this year, and the tabs being connected to the credentials was a huge plus. Last year they were falling out of the pocked on the credentials and everyone was losing them!

    Those in charge also ran the event a lot smoother, and listened to suggestions! The security on day two was much better than on day one! I thought the event was amazing, even with long lines. Most boards I went to were worth the wait!


    Ok so this was my first pin event and I had an amazing time. Lines were long and I heard that there might be more people this year then in years past,but that gave me time to trade with others bc that trading room was super intimating. I think for the money I spent, the pin haul I took home was outstanding plus being from illinois, I got to network with other traders and collectors in my area which is a bonus. Well worth it, i will be going back every year from here on out!


    As usual GREAT meeting other Traders and making new friends. The lines were very long and this is something that Disney can easily fix by adding more Boards to each section. Simple queuing problem that can be solved very easily if they wanted to do it. The lines that led to other venues than Boards very quickly had nothing in them but HM’s and junk pins as traders dumped their inventory in hopes of getting something better.

    Pin preview area was great – wish there was some type of picture or brochure you take away for your records.
    Silent auction stuff – just crazy prices for pins in a frame IMHO.

    Wish the “Pin Management” would have a section on the stage as they did years ago to tell us whats going on for the next year.

    Still think that they should have focus groups with Collectors to get the pulse of the Pin Community.

    They need to do something for the East Coast traders who have NOTHING to compare Edition-wise to the West Coast MOG, DSSF, WDI releases.

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